We provide a low-cost fully managed service for both start-up and airlines undergoing significant growth


As part of the service, Propeller can offer:

Targeted Global Search

Extensive targeted global search for difficult to fill niche roles. We offer Executive search billed only on a success based contingent, meaning the only cost is when the candidates actually starts

Industry Contacts

With over 10,000 industry contacts worldwide, our success to date is referral driven. Propeller are not reliant on archaic job boards and outdated databases (with the GDPR rules they will be even more outdated). We actively engage with our network making the recruitment process a truly holistic on and not just putting CV's into a piece of software

This cuts through the noise of a challenging market for specific technical roles

Technical Screenings

Detailed technical screenings always with a view to find the very best culture fit, technical fit while ensuring salary expectations always remain competitive. We analyse not only the IQ or the EQ but the LQ as well. The learning quotient is becoming more and more critical for technical roles - the ability to learn new technologies at a fast pace. Who knows what flight planning process or software we will use in 5 years time?

Interview Scheduling

Scheduling interviews always striving to optimise schedules and logistics of candidates traveling across Europe. Increasingly, we are finding a smaller amount of available trained talent in the local market, especially for niche roles, meaning we must search across Europe for suitable candidates. Propeller takes care of  the headache associated with the logistics scheduling interviews for candidates based across Europe- be it face to face, Skype etc.

Psychometric Assessment

Administer and analyse psychometric assessment as and when required. Our consultants are trained Psychometric assessors, recognised by the British Psychological society. We can administer, analyse and train hiring managers of the value of psychometric assessments  

HR Culture Assistance

Consult in interviews and/or advise HR culture based questions to hiring managers. No matter what the competency we can provide HR style questions to help analyse the candidates  proficiency. Our consultants have Masters degrees in HR, CIPD qualified so we can always assist with the HR piece  

Offering Process

Manage the offer process. Salary negotiation and offers are incredibly complex and we will bring a transparency to this crucial stage of the recruitment process - completely opening the lines of communication between client and candidate. With our core values - Transparency, value and Integrity - we strive to make the whole process as seamless as possible  

Relocation Assistance

Relocation assistance as and when required. For most people it represent the biggest move to date in their careers - moving Country. Propeller will assist with the transition period for candidates and offer advice on the local market, tapping into our global contact network  


Regretting unsuccessful candidates. In terms of employer branding this is the most important of all of the steps in the recruitment process - breaking the news to unsuccessful candidates. We personally call all candidates, deliver feedback and continue to work with them until they find their dream role. 




Propeller offers a full one-to-one recruitment training programme aimed at those interested in starting or developing their aviation career


We offer the following training services:

  • CV writing

  • Interview preparation

  • Understanding competency-based interviews and how they are analysed

  • The importance of keyword searches

  • Understanding psychometric assessment

  • Optimising your Linkedin profile

“I can’t imagine better recruitment process. John is a great guide and professional help. Very responsive, encouraging and motivating. It was a real pleasure. Thank you”
— Anete Bogdanova | Flight Replanner Flight Planner – Norwegian Airlines Barcelona